Logica 2015


Hejnice monastery, 15 – 19 June 2015


the 29th in the series of annual international symposia devoted to logic.


Invited speakers were Patricia BlanchetteWalter CarnielliMelvin Fitting, and Peter Milne.

LOGICA 2015 Programme  

Programme Committee: Marta Bílková, Patricia Blanchette, Francesco Berto, Walter Carnielli, Petr Cintula, Roberto Ciuni, Michael Dunn, Dorothy Edgington, Christian Fermüller, Melvin Fitting, Gary Kemp, Vojtěch Kolman, Peter Milne, Carles Noguera, Jaroslav Peregrin, Hans Rott, Gabriel Sandu, Sebastian Sequoiah‑Grayson, and Sonja Smets.





All correspondence concerning the symposium should be directed to
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or to:

Vít Punčochář & Vladimír Svoboda
Co-chairs of the Organizing Committee of Logica 2014
Institute of Philosophy
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Jilská 1, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic



Symposium LOGICA is traditionally sponsored by
Bernard Family Brewery Humpolec

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