Prague Gathering of Logicians

7- 8 February 2014, Villa Lanna



This meeting was a continuation of A Gathering of Prague-Based Logicians held in February 2013 (Webpage). The 2014 event was organized by the Institute of Philosophy and participants from the whole Czech Republic took part. The event was supported by the project Logic: The Development of the Discipline and Basic Logic Courses ( CZ.1.07/2.2.00/28.0216,  The Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme).




Petr Glivický (Institute of Mathematics ASCR, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CUNI)
David Chodounský (Institute of Mathematics ASCR)
Emil Jeřábek (Institute of Mathematics ASCR)
Michal Koucký (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CUNI, Institute of Mathematics ASCR)
Ladislav Kvasz (Institute of Philosophy ASCR, Faculty of Education CUNI)
Stefan Ratschan (Institute of Computer Science ASCR)
Neil Thapen (Institute of Mathematics ASCR)
Sean Walsh (University of California)

Ján Pich (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CUNI)
Vít Punčochář (Institute of Philosophy ASCR)




9:30 Registration

10:00 Opening

10:15-11:15 Neil Thapen: Parity Games and Propositional Proofs

11:30-12:30 David Chodounský: Combinatorics of gaps in P(ω)/fin


14:30-15:30 Sean Walsh: The Constructible Universe, the Naive Conception, and Intensional Logic

16:00-17:00 Ladislav Kvasz: Language in Change: How We Changed the Language of Mathematics and How the Language of Mathematics Changed Us




9:30-10:30 Petr Glivický: Model theory of linear fragments of arithmetic

11:00-12:00 Michal Koucký: Catalytic Computation


13:30-14:00 Vít Punčochář: Assertibility as a Semantic Concept

14:00-14:30 Ján Pich: Circuit Lower Bounds in Bounded Arithmetics

15:00-16:00 Stefan Ratschan: First Order Theories of the Real Numbers: Beyond Decidability and Complexity

16:30-17:30 Emil Jeřábek: Open Induction in a TC0 Arithmetic



Program Comittee

Rostislav Horčík (Institute of Computer Science ASCR, chair)
Libor Barto (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CUNI)
Antonín Kučera (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics CUNI)
Jaroslav Peregrin (Institute of Philosophy ASCR)
Pavel Pudlák (Institute of Mathematics ASCR)
Jiří Velebil (CTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering)
Jonathan Verner (Faculty of Arts CUNI)

Organizing Comittee 

Ondrej Majer (Institute of Philosophy ASCR)
Zuzana Haniková (Institute of Computer Science ASCR)
Petra Ivaničová (Institute of Philosophy ASCR)

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