The Department of Logic organizes an annual international symposium LOGICA which typically provides space for ca 35 lectures from which 4 are invited. During the history of the symposium which started more than 25 years ago the conference hosted many distinguished scholars, e.g. David Lewis, Jaakko Hintikka, Dag Prawitz, Nuel Belnap, Max Cresswell, Graham Priest, Johan van Benthem, Michael Dunn. Since 2004 for the symposium is held at the International Center for Spiritual Rehabilitation situated at Hejnice monastery,

The Department also organizes and co-organizes other international and domestic conferences and workshops focused on specific topics from the areas of logic and analytic philosophy. Recent events include conferences on the conceptual foundations of uncertainty (2009), on the epistemic aspects of many-valued logics (2010), and on the normativity of meaning (2011). These conferences usually take place in Prague, either at Villa Lanna or at the conference centre of the Institute of Philosophy.

Members of the Department regularly take part in organizing the annual Czecho-Slovak Symposia on analytic philosophy.

Together with the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies of the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, the Department prepares a logico-philosophical seminar, which regularly hosts lectures given by both Czech and non-Czech logicians, philosophers and specialists from other disciplines related to logic and philosophy. The lectures are open to the public.